Your new home

With the mortgage that works for you.
We do things differently.

Our service is fine tuned to help you get your home with no stress. Awesomeness is in our DNA!

We help you achieve your dream! Here is what you can expect from us.

Awesome Service

We like to keep things simple!

Every conversation, document and entire finance process is as personal as your choice of home!


From the first appointment to home ownership, you'll be in the driving seat. You'll have all the information at your fingertips to make correct decisions.

Regular updates

Your dream home can be the first step towards wealth management. We stay in touch after you have settled in your new home. We guide you to build wealth and keep you informed about the market regularly.


Mortgage and Finance application process is very confusing, stressful and full of jargons. We don't like it that way.

So we started Awesome Money for today's youth to make it exciting and simple again! 

What we do

We work with all major banks to make sure we bring you the best loan product that suites your needs.

We put your interest first so you can get the best rate and product features to suite you needs. And we do it in very simple and transparent way so you are always informed to make the right decisions.

How does it work?

We work for you!

Your unique financial situation and your personal needs are put at forefront.

Then we use the latest technology to compare and find the best loan that works in your favour.


We want you to be surprised and delighted with our hardwork and professional service.

We only advise and get you a home loan if you can afford it and is within the regulatory practice. We won't be shy to tell you No if required.

Our goal is to help you achieve your dream!

3 Simple Steps

These 3 simple steps will make it super easy to discuss your finance options.

Step 1

Prepare some numbers
Download this free e-book.
Note down income & expense estimates in the files provided.
Save them.

Step 2

Send us the information
Just send us what you have. Don't worry if you don't have all the information.
We'll go through all the numbers when we meet.
Be across our privacy policy when you send the information.

Step 3

Let's plan to meet
Think of the day and time that suites you.
It's good idea to spare around an hour for this.
Send us few options and we'll get back to you very soon....          
Get in Touch With Us.
Whether you’re ready to buy your home or still looking for it, we’re always happy to chat.
For Inquiries: +61 0403 709 584.